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"Those who have suffered and endured the most pain, have the capacity to make the greatest differences."

-Ethan Huffaker, CEO and founder of SARA


The U.S. Department of State grades foreign governments on how well they combat human trafficking within their own country. They are placed within one of three tiers to determine their effectiveness:

Tier One: They have correct policies in place and are on the correct course to fighting human trafficking.

Tier Two: They are not doing quite enough to help the issues, but they are on their way. The government needs to implement better policies and do more to assist with human trafficking.

Tier Three: The country is not doing enough to help. A lot of tier three countries have corrupt politicians that are involved in the issues and only make it harder. 

Most African countries fall in between tier two and tier three.


There is only one African country in tier one.

Two countries, Libya and Somalia, have scored so low they are not even in a tier. 

Our Prevention goal is to help local and state communities implant the correct strategies that help to combat human trafficking. 



Meet with Local Leaders

Our team will meet with local government leaders and discuss better ways to implement the following:

United Nation protocol to prevent, suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons Especially Women and Children.

We teach local community leaders, schools, and churches how to spot, prevent, and report human trafficking and the importance of abiding by the law while maintaining respect for local customs and traditions.


Community Prevention

In Africa, many people are targets for trafficking because they lack proper education and other economic opportunities. Some parents sell their children simply because they cannot afford them. Other girls turn to sex trafficking because they feel they have no other options.

Our humanitarian team works with local community leaders to provide better economic solutions and build schools where young girls can receive an education and experience the different opportunities that the world has to offer them.

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