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Image by Annie Spratt


"Develop enough courage so that you can stand up for yourself and then stand up for somebody else."


 - Maya Angelou


Shelter Blueprint

SARA's first big project is to build a shelter in Mozambique!



SARA is dedicated to not only providing basic needs for the children but creating a loving home for them. The future shelter in Beira, Mozambique will provide the children with a physical home that provides safety, security, and stability. 

These children are in need of nurturing and a safe space that will protect them in their rehabilitation process. 


The shelter will include: 

  • Capacity to hold up to 25 children

  • Play Yard

  • Medical area

  • Meal area

  • Mentor housing


You Can Help

The goal at SARA is to have rescued children brought to our rescue shelter where they can receive the medical care needed and begin their new lives. 

Your donation will go to

  • Land rights

  • Building licenses 

  • Building materials

  • Water Tower

Image by Kat Yukawa
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