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How You Can Help End Human Trafficking

This last Friday, June 30 was World Day Against Human Trafficking. You probably saw your social media feeds flooded with statements aimed at increasing the awareness of the jarring circumstances brought on by human trafficking. Although it can be disheartening to hear about the realities of human trafficking from advocates or victims, there is still hope and opportunities for you to help.

One of the biggest issues that #SARA is combatting is the reintegration of human trafficking victims. Victims that are returning to their country of origin often face mental/psychological, health, and family-related problems as they reintegrate into their families and communities. Because of the unique nature of each case, SARA has created a two-step program to help victims of human trafficking,

Step 1: Aid and Assist

After being rescued, children will be placed in a rescue shelter where they will receive three essential things:

  • Proper medical care and treatment

  • Loving caretakers

  • Enrollment in a local private school

Step 2: Mentor Program

At SARA, we firmly believe that proper education is key to changing these children's lives for the better. The mentorship program allows children to have a guide that supports them in their learning and in developing life skills

Of course, none of this can get done without the help and support of donations. If you want to know how you can continue to help SARA’s efforts, please consider a donation or contact our team if your organization would like to sponsor a program. Thank you for you support! Check out our Get Involved page for more information! Together we can #endhumantrafficking!

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